Possums - The only people allowed to leave the US are the rich, famous and dead. Sometimes "Possums" (living pretending to be dead) try to cross the border. It is illegal to transport nonregistered living persons across the borders of Mexico or Canada, the dead however are free to roam.

Manny - This is a person who uses an interface collar to manipulate an undead servo unit. Good Mannys can manipulate up to seven units at once.

Chop, Top, and Body Shop - This is the ongoing practice of removing the head from a unit and replacing it with a box. The box allows a manny to work the unit without a head. This is often used for illegal purposes such as street prostitution. Punishment if caught and convicted is severe!!

Prep Parlors - Most funeral homes have switched to being a prep parlor. Here the dead are prepared so that their useful shelf life can be extended. Some Prep Parlors are also Mod Shops.

Mod Shops - These are not legal in all states (see local laws for restrictions). Mod Shops can modify a unit to enhance usefulness, such as the illegal street prostitution, they can also upgrade and repair units that have begun to show signs of decay.

Necros - This are the death dealers. They buy, sell and trade the dead. If you have a recently deceased family member and are curious what their value may be contact you local Necro.

Zom-Shaws - These are carriages that can be rented out by the hour or day. They are pulled typically by one or two zombies.