Tuesday, December 7, 2010

October 31, 2065

Jerry has asked me to run these three across the Canadian border, that was going to be almost impossible. Payday was just around the corner. Getting them to do the possum act didn't seem like it would be that tough. That's when he told me who they were and why he needed me. Hell had walked into my office, and I held the door open!! The was the niece of the man running for president, you know who I'm talking about, he wants to change the zombie laws. His opponents would love to know about her, she would be meat in the zombie mill before nightfall!!!

October 30, 2065

Today she walked into me office. Glancing up I could see that she had more curves than a dangerous mountain road, but the vacant eyes, and slack jaw spoke of road damage. With her were the Mutt and Jeff posters boys for why incest was bad. From behind them Jerry stepped into the room, I knew at that moment my day had changed.

October 29, 2065

Alfredo is taking me out into the swamps to meet his contact. The man uses zombies as gator bait, gets good money for the skin. The zombies never leave the water, so it's fall away in chunks, or be a meal for a potential purse!!

October 28, 2065

People always talk about, "The bad part of town", not even aware that there's a bad part of the bad part, the under belly of the beast!! There are things happening down here that most people never want to think about, let alone see. Zombie strip joints, not whole zombies either, just what the customers consider the better parts. It's down here that I get my best information. Down the filth ridden alleyways, that seem to grow their own special beasts, ones that will do anything for a fix. Perhaps a nanny slap at 35,000 volts. Reboot your cortex!!

October 27, 2065

Recent robberies have been connected to a group of mannys running a zombie crime group. Police are not releasing full details, but insider rumors also link them to a recent rash of hits on high profile targets, using recently deceased relatives.

October 26, 2065

International sources have said that some soccer clubs have been using zombie mods to win games, and are linked to an international gambling cartel. The mods, when run by a talented manny can perform better than a normal human.

October 25 2065

Found an enclave of free roaming zombie in the hills outside of town. They have learned how to remain hidden and feed of us without being seen. I almost didn't make it out myself. They run in packs and seem to follow one main zombie.

Monday, December 6, 2010

October 24, 2065

Spent a good part of the afternoon down at the park watching people in zombie powered paddleboats as they lazily sailed around the lake. An informant of mine told me he had news of zombie pits fights taking place in the highlands outside of town